End of the Door

Tip pro domácnost – vrzající dveře

The drilled door harasses everyone. This problem occurs especially in the worse houses or old dwellings. When opening and closing, the door is grasped and scratched. Therefore, it is good to remove this problem quickly. With a suitable lubricant, all doors are smooth. Door opener may not be a problem.

Why do they actually take the door?

At first, it can be funny, but at a certain point, the sliding door becomes a problem. Scratching happens in most cases in hinges. If you slowly open and close the door and listen closely, you will focus on the place where the noise arises. Thanks to the frequent use of the door for many years, the lubrication layer has disappeared. The metal is now scraping metal. The drilled doors are heard throughout the apartment.

What does the door help against the door?

When the door is pulled, it is necessary to remove it quickly. Because it is obvious that the lubricating layer is no longer in the hinge, it is necessary to apply a new lubricant. Inexpensive cases can be cheap, may be an edible oil such as rapeseed or olive oil. The oil is applied to the hinge groove with a needle or knife tip. As an alternative, the classic WD-40 universal lubricant can be used , which penetrates the place that needs to be lubricated and reliably prevents sinking. In addition, there are special lubricants that are also suitable for lubrication of hinges and provide long-lasting lubrication. They easily penetrate and have good grip. This helps to effectively prevent chafing and provides a good and long-lasting effect.

Handle WD-40 door hinges if hinges are not enough

Sometimes the application of a new lubricant is not enough. This is because deposits or rust may form inside the hinge. For a better lubricant application, try to lift the door slightly with a screwdriver and suitable washers. In some cases, the door will need to be ejected completely. This is the only way to clean the hinge, use a corrosion cleaner, or use abrasive paper if necessary. Thanks to these measures, it is possible to silence every sliding door.

Tip pro domácnost – vrzající dveře

Preventive measures

Do not take precautions to prevent the door from slamming. A few minutes of care will provide you with an entire year without churning. If the doors are exposed to weathering, it is better to perform maintenance a little more often. Remove the dust from the hinges with a vacuum cleaner. If the door does not open as easily as usual, you can apply a little lubricant before it starts rubbing. You can use oil or WD-40. This also effectively protects the hinges against rust. When purchasing new doors, take care of the good quality of door fittings as part of preventive measures.