These ten instruments can not be missed in any householdTipy pro domácnost: 10 nástrojů pro každou domácnost

Home is home. In the evening you feel safe here and the family is together. Therefore, every household should be equipped with everything the family or individual needs. Many people come up with food and hygiene – but the tools and other needs are at least as important. But when the tool is needed, it usually follows a long search for a loan request from a neighbor or friend, because the tool is simply missing. To do this, there are ten of the most important tools that can not be missed in any household.


Whether you need to hang a picture or some nails to nail – having a hammer is an absolute must. For occasional hammering is a sufficient light hammer with a large head.


Allow the bolt to be quickly replaced with a screwdriver and quickly stabilize, for example, hinges or cabinets. There are great sets with various screwdrivers, which also save space.

Cordless screwdriver

This “versatile” helper between tools would also not be a bug in any household. This useful tool can screw or drill and only needs battery power.


The WD-40 can be used for many things throughout the home. Can protect the tools from corrosion, loosen the screws, remove the crayons from the walls … and the list could continue.


With pliers you can easily pull nails, squeeze or pull out various items. There are various designs from splitting pliers to electronic pliers. At least one pliers should be in every household.

Spirit level

To avoid oblique hanging pictures or hanging cabinets, the spirit level is a must.


For owners of houses and gardens it is also a necessary tool, which can not be missed. From sawing to wood to sawing the tail – sawing as a tool brings great help and can save many enthusiasts.

Cutting knife

In particular, high quality and sharp cutting blades must be carefully stored in a safe place in every household. Quickly and effortlessly you can cut carpets or covers.


This tool is not used in everyday life, but should be available. If a screwdriver is unexpectedly needed and none is available, it is not easy to get it at this time.

Single pole voltage tester

This device is designed to check the current in the sockets only. But for other work connected with electricity it is necessary to invite an expert. However, it is useful to have this so-called phase tester at home.

These ten tools are only a proposal and can be supplemented and adapted at any time by budget. It is also recommended to have a set of screws and nails together with tools. The tool is not always cheap. You may pay more money at the beginning, but you will get reliable and useful tools in the long run. Nothing is as unpleasant as when you need a tool and you do not have one. In addition, thanks to proper care, you can use the tool for a long time. The WD-40 multi use product is a suitable cleaner. Apply once or twice a year as a corrosion protection.